Friday Finds

I recently found a great resource for Montessori elementary math materials from Montessori Kiwi.  I purchased quite a few downloads on the topics of place value, addition and number bonds for Lillian and adding with 10’s and multiplication for Ethan.  Everything I’ve downloaded has been wonderful and the kids are loving the all the new math materials!

I also listened to a great podcast from The Knowledge Project – Decoding Difficult Conversations:  My Interview with Negotiation Expert, Sheila Keen.  Sheila is an author and lecturer at Harvard Law School on the topic of negotiation.  She talks about the art of negotiation with your children.  I learned a lot!

My kids have been LOVING these sticker mosaic books!  Seriously, they will sit for hours with them working carefully and quietly!

Friday Finds

I was happy to find this post from Nicole at the Kavanaugh Report with ideas for Montessori materials and activities for a four year old.  Lillian is so close to turning 4!

Thinking even further ahead to the fall, I am considering these Autumn Guides from Whole Family Rhythms.  “The Guides are designed to help you plan, create and animate a gentle, balanced and holistic rhythm in your home, flowing between structured, adult-led activities and child-led, imaginative free play.”


Check out this amazing new place for kids called The Muse Gowns that just opened in Brooklyn!  How fun!  Trapeze classes?  Sign me up, please!




Friday Finds

Here is a collection of interesting things I’ve found this week about alternative education and homeschooling:

This is a link to a short documentary about an incredible school in NYC called Pono.  This is a very special and unique place for kids age 2-12.

I guess this needs to be said…”In case you didn’t know, siblings can be friends!”

Sara from Happiness is Here says it well!


Lastly, I loved listening to The Simple Families podcast this week:

The host, Denaye Barahone, gives a refreshing reminder about the importance of play.  Living in NYC where school and academics are pushed at such an early age, I am so grateful for her voice on such an important topic.


Friday Finds

Here is a small collection of interesting podcasts and articles I’ve listened to and read this past week that I thought were worth sharing!

I cannot recommend listening to this podcast enough…

If you are even thinking, even thinking just a little teeny bit about homeschooling, please give this a listen!  Or read the transcript if podcasts are not for you.  If you are trying to convince your spouse or family why homeschooling is not so crazy, send this to them!  Janet Lansbury herself is lovely (I loved her parenting books) and she is interviewing what I would call an “unlikely homeschooler,” Laura Grace Weldon.  She came to homeschooling late in the game, when her oldest son was already a freshman in high school.  Laura gives so many reasons why homeschooling was the best choice for her family and how it could be for yours too.  She does a great job explaining the research behind the value of self-directed learning.  Laura also has a book, Free Range Learning, which I am really looking forward to reading.

Recently Denaye Barahone from Simple Families shared this article on Facebook…

Denaye said “This is one of the best articles explaining why simplifying life for kids is so beneficial.”  I agree.

Peter Gray posted this article recently in…

It’s a quick and great read.

There you have it!  Happy weekend!