Update from the NYCDOE

I previously blogged about how I filed my first Letter of Intent with the NYC Department of Education for my son, Ethan, who has a 2012 birthday.  A few weeks after filing, I received a package in the mail from the NYCDOE.

Included in the package were:

  • the Regulations for Home Instruction in NY State (all 20 pages)
  • a letter with information specific to this 2018-2019 school year
  • a list of compliance items and due dates

The next compliance item for us is the Individualized Home Instruction Plan or IHIP and it is due on 8/15.  I’m currently working on ours and will post more when it’s complete.  Legally we have to submit 4 Quarterly Reports and an Annual Assessment.  That’s a lot of paperwork!

What are the homeschool regulations like where you live?  Do you have to submit a lot of paperwork?  I’ve read that New York has some of the strictest regulations for homeschooling .  For anyone who lives in NY, this is probably not surprising!  It is exciting to be inching our way towards becoming official NYC homeschoolers.

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3 thoughts on “Update from the NYCDOE

  1. Just came across your blog and Instagram. I’ll be homeschooling but my oldest is just in preschool. Thankfully in Texas we literally have to do nothing. It is amazing. That is a lot of paperwork!


  2. No paperwork here in Indiana either! Requirements: start home based education in fall of year 7, 180 days attendance (for personal records), teach in English language.
    No annual tests, no mandated subjects or curriculum.
    New York I’ve heard is one of the worst with regulating homeschooling. I am so interested to see what you do with what you’ve got to deal with… Rooting for you and believing in your tenacity!


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