Friday Finds

Here is a small collection of interesting podcasts and articles I’ve listened to and read this past week that I thought were worth sharing!

I cannot recommend listening to this podcast enough…

If you are even thinking, even thinking just a little teeny bit about homeschooling, please give this a listen!  Or read the transcript if podcasts are not for you.  If you are trying to convince your spouse or family why homeschooling is not so crazy, send this to them!  Janet Lansbury herself is lovely (I loved her parenting books) and she is interviewing what I would call an “unlikely homeschooler,” Laura Grace Weldon.  She came to homeschooling late in the game, when her oldest son was already a freshman in high school.  Laura gives so many reasons why homeschooling was the best choice for her family and how it could be for yours too.  She does a great job explaining the research behind the value of self-directed learning.  Laura also has a book, Free Range Learning, which I am really looking forward to reading.

Recently Denaye Barahone from Simple Families shared this article on Facebook…

Denaye said “This is one of the best articles explaining why simplifying life for kids is so beneficial.”  I agree.

Peter Gray posted this article recently in…

It’s a quick and great read.

There you have it!  Happy weekend!

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