My Favorite Podcasts about Homeschooling

I love podcasts!  It is rare that I can listen to one straight through, so most days I listen in bits as I do the dishes.  If I’m going out alone, I always bring my headphones and listen.  Sometimes if my husband and I are in the car together, I’ll play one that I think he might like to hear too.  

I’ve learned so much about homeschooling from listening to podcasts.  Here are some of my favorites…

Wild + Free

Baan Dek Montessori

Simple Families (technically not a homeschool podcast but definitely pertinent – Denaye, the host, is one of my favorite moms out there)

Read Aloud Revival

I’ve actually found that listening to podcasts while doing the dishes is a form of self care.  10 minutes at a time but it still counts!  On days when I forget to listen while I wash, I am noticeably crankier.  

What are your favorites?  Do you have any recommendations?

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